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Hole by Hole: Front 9
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Michael Hurdzan
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Straightaway. Tee off with 3 wood or long iron to 100 to 120 yards from the green- be mindful of creek bisecting fairway approximately 250 yards from tee. Center of the green is preferred.  Local Rules: Creek bisecting fairway is a water hazard

Blue 386 yards | White 340 yards | Yellow 318 yards
Handicap: 15

Red 282 yards
Handicap: 9

Uphill.  Green is blind from fairway. Tee off with driver or 3 wood. Preferred location is center of fairway. You have an uphill second shot which may require one or two more clubs. Local Rules: Out of bounds on right (white stakes), Natural wetlands left of green play as a lateral hazard

Blue 373 yards | White 354 yards | Yellow 299 yards
Handicap: 7

Red 260 yards
Handicap: 11

Straight away uphill. A shot to center of fairway will open up the whole green. Green slopes left to right. Again- a shot to the center of the green is preferred.Local Rules:  Balls lost in wooded areas…determine your ball’s point of entry, drop another ball within two club lengths of entry point and continue play, one (1) stroke penalty.

Blue 393 yards | White 368 yards | Yellow 335 yards
Handicap: 5

Red 240 yards
Handicap: 13

Downhill.  Green slopes left to right. A 9 iron is usually the right club. Local Rules: Wetlands in front of tee box is a water hazard. Natural wetlands right of green should be played as a lateral water hazard.

Blue 152 yards | White 115 yards | Yellow 103 yards
Handicap: 17

Red 96 yards
Handicap: 17

Straight away. Premium is on tee shot. A layup shot to 100 yards is the way to play this hole. Pin location will determine club selection. You may use anything from a pitching wedge to an 8 iron depending on hole location. Local Rules:  Creek left of fairway is a lateral water hazard. Wooded area to the right and area right of rough is a lateral hazard.

Blue 502 yards | White 484 yards | Yellow 431 yards
Handicap: 11

Red 409 yards
Handicap: 1

Straight away. This is the #1 (389 yards) handicap hole. Fairway slopes from right to left. Location in center to left center of fairway is ideal. Green has several undulations and second shot requires solid preparation. A "4" is a great score here. Local Rules: Creek left of fairway is a lateral water hazard.

Blue 416 yards | White 389 yards | Yellow 323 yards
Handicap: 1

Red 277 yards
Handicap: 5

Downhill dog leg to the right. Tee shot to left center of the fairway gives you a good look at the flag. Medium to short iron will play nicely here. Local Rules: Out of bounds left (white stakes)

Blue 396 yards | White 356 yards | Yellow 346 yards

Red 290 yards
Handicap: 7

Slightly downhill. No secrets here. Just hit enough club. Local Rules: Out of bounds left (guard rail) – Creek is a lateral water hazard

Blue 203 yards | White 175 yards | Yellow 149 yards

Red 116 yards
Handicap: 15

Uphill straight away. Plays longer than the card. Fairway bunkers give you no option to get to the green, so swing at your tee shot!!! 3 tier green can be a challenge to a misplaced approach shot. Again par is a good score. Local Rules: Out of bounds right (brush before ditch). Wetlands left of the fairway and the green is a lateral water hazard.

Blue 379 yards | White 350 yards | Yellow 320 yards

Red 293 yards
Handicap: 3

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For the entire rules of golf, consult the USGA or R&A in St. Andrews, Scotland 



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