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Sycamore Creek Women’s Golf Association (WGA) was established March 1996 (see bylaws).   Sycamore Creek WGA is welcoming new members. The WGA plays on Tuesdays from April-October. Contact Keiko Marsh (804) 360-0224 or e-mail

Sycamore Creek WGA 2010 Schedule (Posted in Clubhouse)

Sycamore Creek Women’s Golf Association By-Laws
Founded February 18, 1975 as Oak Hill Women’s Golf Association.
Reestablished as Sycamore Creek Women’s Golf Association March, 1996

Article I – Name
The name of this organization shall be Sycamore Creek Women’s Golf Association, hereinafter referred to as “Association”

Article II – Purpose
The purpose of this Association is to promote the sport of golf, to foster sociability and friendship among its members and to keep the members informed about the rules and etiquette of the game

Article III – Membership
Any woman with an established handicap and payment of dues will be eligible to join the Association. Applicants without an established handicap will be required to submit five (5) scorecards of 18 holes of play, with an average score of 125 or better. Membership shall consist of active members who have paid there dues.

Article IV – Meetings
A spring meeting will be held before the first of April for the Association members and prospective members. A final meeting will be held in October when the officers will be elected and the awards presented. Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the President and the Executive Board. The tournament season shall begin the first Tuesday in April and run through the next to the last Tuesday in October.

Article V – Rules
The association shall be governed by USGA rules and any local rules. Local rules shall be posted.

Article VI – Dues and Fiscal Year
Dues shall be established by the executive board. Dues are payable by the first play day.
The fiscal year shall be from November 1st through October 31st.

Article VII – Officers
There shall be the following officers:
Vice-President/Tournament Chairman

A nominating committee consisting of three members shall be chosen by the president six weeks prior to the fall meeting at which time a vote will be taken with a majority of the membership present for election.

The term of office shall be for one fiscal year.

Article VIII – Finances
Section 1. the amount of dues shall be determined by the executive board and due by the first play day. Dues will not be refunded after the first play day.
Section 2. a member shall be appointed by the president to audit the Treasurer’s records after reconciliation of the final bank statement by the Treasurer. Financial reports will be given at each business meeting and a copy attached to the secretary’s minutes.
Section 3. disbursements will be made by authorized signatures only upon receipt of a sales slip or an itemized statement of expenditures.

Article IX – Government
Section 1. The executive board shall be composed of the current officers, committee chairmen and the immediate-past-president
Section 2. the executive board shall meet at the call of the President, and two-thirds of its members including two officers shall be necessary to constitute a quorum.
Section 3. the duties of the executive board shall be to conduct the business of the Association.
Section 4. the Association shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.

Article X – Committees
The president may appoint the chairman for the following committees as needed.
Greater Richmond
Special Events

Article XI – Effective Date
These bylaws became effective April 15, 1997, the date of adoption by the association 

Article XII – Amendments
These by-laws may be amended by the majority of the membership present, providing the proposed amendment has been written and posted at least ten (10) days prior to the business meeting.

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(804) 784-3544 

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